As Tory England rushes to build on flood-plains what is the situation in Scotland?

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In the Independent yesterday:

The amount of land being used to build new homes in England’s most flood-prone areas has more than doubled in a year, figures reveal. Countryside activists have said the increase signalled future flooding misery for homeowners and headaches for insurance companies. And they blamed successive governments for forcing councils to accept development without flood risk surveys and without obligatory water-management measures.

As far back as 2006, researchers at the English College of Estates Management, whose patron is HRH Prince of Wales, made a number of highly encouraging comments about the achievements of the Labour-run Scottish Executive, SEPA and the Local Authorities:

As far as flood protection is concerned, unlike in England, the 1 in 200-year standard of protection is ‘universal’ for all new buildings, with a 1,000-year standard for such vulnerable uses as old people’s homes, schools, hospitals etc. In addition, construction in flood hazard areas has almost completely ended. Crichton (2003: 26) estimates that “the active flood management programme currently in progress will result in almost all high-risk properties being protected against the 200-year flood within the next three years, taking climate change into account.” It is also interesting to note that the Scottish Executive grants for flood defences have never been refused on the grounds of budget restraints and there is no rationing of flood defence spending.

It is clear, however, that the more stringent building standards which are applied in Scotland ensure that severe storms result in much less property damage than comparable events in England. Also, the level of flood protection and the commitment of funding to achieve flood protection are higher in Scotland than in England.’

College of Estates Management at:

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3 thoughts on “As Tory England rushes to build on flood-plains what is the situation in Scotland?

  1. SNP letting Scots down again.
    The Tories promote new housing with seasonal indoor swimming zones, while we have to put up with boring old dry living rooms.
    Tut, tut. Send for Miles “um” Briggs or Murdo the Unelectable One. They will be skulking in the Herod “News”room.

    While England sinks beneath the waves, Boris is off to Mustique hobnobbing with the notorious His Serene Highness, the Price of Bismark.
    Boris being the “Peoples Prince”!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wee typo.
      The “Price of Bismark” should of course read—the Prince of Bismarck.

      But with these people, the PRICE is actually the most Important thing!

      And Boris and Carl-Eduard have much in common—— multiple ex-wifes, girl friends and slappers.
      + very dodgy with “truthiness”!


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