From Ludo Thierry:

Interesting to see two unrelated observations from long-term BBC staffers – Poor old John Simpson really shows himself to be completely out of touch. Patrick Howse is at least recognising that his “country” (Ukania) is “..falling apart..”: Link and snippets below:

World-renowned BBC Foreign correspondent John Simpson has triggered Twitter after claiming voters had “succumbed to populism” in the Irish general election, that saw left-wing nationalist party Sinn Fein make historic gains.

Simpson — who has spent his working life at the BBC reporting from a host of war zones around the world — took to social media on Monday morning to ostensibly voice his dismay at the election results.

The 75 year-old’s remarks have been widely condemned on Twitter, with many essentially accusing the veteran BBC reporter of having little understanding of the lives of Irish people. Such sentiments were perfectly encapsulated in one tweet that read: “You lot really know nothing about us at all.”

Sinn Fein’s rise is being put down to the left-wing nationalist party running on an anti-austerity campaign, that focused on tackling the housing crisis by providing more social homes, as well as promising to deliver better healthcare. Their emergence is likely to increase calls for a referendum on Irish unification — also commonly known as a United Ireland — the mainstay of Sinn Fein’s policy platform.

Former BBC producer Patrick Howse ..fears that the outgoing Director General Tony Hall has been a ‘useful idiot’ for those who want to destroy the public service broadcaster.

“It is impossible to overstate the cultural importance of the BBC but, sadly, times have changed. Ignoring the 48% of voters who wanted to Remain in the EU, the failure to hold liars to account (or even to think, as Lord Hall does, that it is not the BBC’s job to point out that someone is a liar), and the continued pressure for Scottish independence leave a question that the BBC has closed its eyes to: what happens to an institution that has always glued the country together when the country seems to be falling apart?”