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Ludo Thierry

Bit early for any of Johnson’s troops to get ‘restive’ but noticed this piece on Stephen Crabb (Tory MP for Preseli, former tory Secretary for wales and very recently elected (salaried) chairman of Welsh Affairs committee. (In the day he was also Baroness Ruth von Rape Clause’s preferred choice as Cameron’s successor – but that idea soon got ditched!) Anyway – Mr. Crabb seems prepared to point out that EVEL isn’t having quite the effect the Ukanian’s claimed for it. Link and snippets below:

English votes for English laws makes Welsh MPs feel like “second-class” politicians, a former Welsh Secretary has said.

Stephen Crabb said excluding MPs from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland from certain votes had not “done anything” to strengthen the UK.

Plaid Cymru and the Scottish National Party protested after they were blocked from voting on an “English-only” NHS bill.

“It hasn’t really strengthened the glue that holds the United Kingdom together.”

Mr Crabb said the rule was “bizarre”.