Text by Contrary:

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No it [Textgate] won’t break the camel’s back.

There seems to be a lot of mixing up of the roles the SNP has, by everyone:

1. The SNP in government: they do well, they have the intention of improving Scotland, and they work hard at trying to make those improvements. (And I agree with John that this is the main reason they get voted back into government)

2. SNP the party: well, that doesn’t appear to be going smoothly, and the leadership ,,, well. Let’s not go there, but secrecy and not listening are not good traits. The actual party, a broad church with much talent and lots of hard working MSPs MPs and activists. And a few arseholes.

3. SNP at Westminster: a good fighting force and playing the Westminster game, they seem solid and generally play within the rules. Constantly prompting and reminding the HoC that Scotland exists and will keep arguing in our favour.

4. SNP the Independence Party: they are not using their other positions to effect this in the main, this is what has stagnated. (For whatever reasons, and I don’t mean totally on purpose or totally because they don’t have a choice).

So, yes supporters will moan about 2 or 4, the media and opposition parties moan about 1, Westminster and uk media moan about 3, and no one knows who is moaning about what, so the media has a field day thinking unhappiness about 4 translates to lack of support for 1, or that trouble in 2 will affect their ability in 1 or 4 etc. It’s a morass of conflicting sentiments, with opposition parties and the media stirring up the mix to confuse and deflect.

I try and keep it separate – which seems to confuse people more for some reason.

I’m fine with people having a moan, but it’s a bit pointless harping on, if no one is listening you get a vote eventually and that will say whatever you want it to at the time.