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‘Oooh, I wish I had a river I could skate away on!’

In the Herald today, ‘SEX!’:

Analysis – by Hannah Rodger: DEREK Mackay’s schoolboy error may just be the straw that broke the camel’s back for the SNP.

This time, eh Hannah? Surely this time?

I know let’s look back to previous scandals to see if SNP support collapsed then.

Do you think the Salmond case lingered in the minds of the electorate which voted the SNP into 80% of the Westminster seats? The recent polls put them at 50% or more. Do you think the public might have forgotten or just don’t really care that much about one man among many in the party leadership?

Have they noticed that the Tories can be much worse with two currently in jail for child rape? Surely child rape as opposed to texting a 16-year-old and saying he is cute is more of a threat to any camel’s back?

What? You just had to write something? You need the money?

Just over a year ago, that Paul Hutcheon thought the Salmond row would ‘wear down the SNP administration.’ Support for the SNP in polls actually rose. Might the electorate have their minds on bigger more important things?

Now, maybe SNP support will fall a wee bit in the next few polls, but the camel’s back will not break and a few months later will be sufficiently healed to give the hump to Unionist reporters once more.