Recent history tells us SNP will sail on undeterred by media SEX campaigns

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In the Herald today, ‘SEX!’:

Analysis – by Hannah Rodger: DEREK Mackay’s schoolboy error may just be the straw that broke the camel’s back for the SNP.

This time, eh Hannah? Surely this time?

I know let’s look back to previous scandals to see if SNP support collapsed then.

Do you think the Salmond case lingered in the minds of the electorate which voted the SNP into 80% of the Westminster seats? The recent polls put them at 50% or more. Do you think the public might have forgotten or just don’t really care that much about one man among many in the party leadership?

Have they noticed that the Tories can be much worse with two currently in jail for child rape? Surely child rape as opposed to texting a 16-year-old and saying he is cute is more of a threat to any camel’s back?

What? You just had to write something? You need the money?

Just over a year ago, that Paul Hutcheon thought the Salmond row would ‘wear down the SNP administration.’ Support for the SNP in polls actually rose. Might the electorate have their minds on bigger more important things?

Now, maybe SNP support will fall a wee bit in the next few polls, but the camel’s back will not break and a few months later will be sufficiently healed to give the hump to Unionist reporters once more.

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5 thoughts on “Recent history tells us SNP will sail on undeterred by media SEX campaigns

  1. The unionist press dare not explore the reason behind the SNP’s existence because it would expose their anti democratic stance with regard to the country of Scotland.
    Deflection by attacking individuals and lies are their only hope of stopping our march to statehood.
    Scots are increasingly aware of this,thanks in the main to blogs like this.

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  2. The relentless negativity against the SNP in the media could be holding us back though. That seemed to be indicated in opinion polls which asked detailed questions on government performance. We should be really proud of our NHS and we aren’t.
    This recent news will blow over before their next attack. Mackay was creepy and resigned for inappropriate behaviour. That is it. He didn’t break any law. If he is found to have been writing messages before the boy turned 16 that would be another matter. Still it will blow over. The independence movement isn’t the SNP anyway.

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    1. The relentless negativity is definitely holding us back. IMHO we would be an Independent nation by now if it wasn’t for the BBC and the papers. As Westminster see things slipping away from them in opinion polls they’re launching propaganda adverts in cinemas . Hopefully starring Bo Jo, Dugdale, Jum Murfy. Davidson, Mundell, Lordy Forsyth, Lamont, Wendy A. And Jack ass.

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  3. No it won’t break the camel’s back.

    There seems to be a lot of mixing up of the roles the SNP has, by everyone:

    1. The SNP in government: they do well, they have the intention of improving Scotland, and they work hard at trying to make those improvements. (And I agree with John that this is the main reason they get voted back into government)

    2. SNP the party: well, that doesn’t appear to be going smoothly, and the leadership ,,, well. Let’s not go there, but secrecy and not listening are not good traits. The actual party, a broad church with much talent and lots of hard working MSPs MPs and activists. And a few arseholes.

    3. SNP at Westminster: a good fighting force and playing the Westminster game, they seem solid and generally play within the rules. Constantly prompting and reminding the HoC that Scotland exists and will keep arguing in our favour.

    4. SNP the Independence Party: they are not using their other positions to effect this in the main, this is what has stagnated. (For whatever reasons, and I don’t mean totally on purpose or totally because they don’t have a choice).

    So, yes supporters will moan about 2 or 4, the media and opposition parties moan about 1, Westminster and uk media moan about 3, and no one knows who is moaning about what, so the media has a field day thinking unhappiness about 4 translates to lack of support for 1, or that trouble in 2 will affect their ability in 1 or 4 etc. It’s a morass of conflicting sentiments, with opposition parties and the media stirring up the mix to confuse and deflect.

    I try and keep it separate – which seems to confuse people more for some reason.

    I’m fine with people having a moan, but it’s a bit pointless harping on, if no one is listening you get a vote eventually and that will say whatever you want it to at the time.


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