Minor blogger and Gordon Brewer regular writes the most awful nonsense about the SNP

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Jenni Davidson on the left of three rightist women invited on to agree with Brewer’s anti-SNP dirges on a show fast drooping in audience share toward zero

Two days ago, in the Holyrood online magazine which, last time I checked, has about a quarter of our readership, Jenni Davidson writes:

‘It is only because of support for independence and the lack of other options that is keeping support for SNP as high as it is, but if it wants to beat the odds and try to get a majority at next year’s Holyrood election, as well as win over that vital 10 per cent of undecided voters, the party needs to clean up its act and show it can deliver on its promises.’


First, where is the evidence for that startling and stupid opening assertion? There is evidence of voters supporting the SNP who do not want independence and there is evidence that the SNP Government is trusted far more than the UK Government to look after the interests of the people who live in Scotland. ‘Only because of support for independence?’ Pure drivel.

Second, ‘clean up its act?’ So, three MSP’s who have sent inappropriate texts to adults and are now suspended and a former First Minister currently innocent and probably the victim of a stitch-up and this is why the 10% undecided won’t vote SNP? Multiple serious sex-offenders, including child-rapists, yet the undecided in England had no problem approving the Tories?

Third, ‘deliver on promises?’ Might the best health, education and police services, by some way, actually be why the SNP is hoovering up support?

Footnote: I haven’t sourced my claims. Why should I? No one else seems to feel the need to. However, I have them to mind if you want them. Just ask.

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One thought on “Minor blogger and Gordon Brewer regular writes the most awful nonsense about the SNP

  1. Hmm. Well. I’d still like a choice of party when I go to vote, I believe being given a choice is how democracy is meant to work. But, anyway!

    Here is Joanna Cherry very clearly advocating a ‘consultative’ referendum:


    Now, a couple of things – 1. the Forward as One Intiative to bring forward legal action has put pressure on the SNP (without them having to be politically liable for starting the action) to consider the legal route – well done to everyone that contributed to this and saw its importance (it felt like a hard sell), and well done to Martin Keatings in taking this brave action – and 2. Joanna is relying on the current poll that says scots are in favour of Holyrood going ahead with a referendum. This poll again was carried out by a Yes blogger / activist or whatever he is – well done to James Kelly for his foresight and taking action – and again it was crowdfunded so well done to everyone that contributed.

    Those two things have changed something – the confidence of the SNP to, perhaps, go ahead with something potentially politically risky.

    Politically the SNP will wait for opinion to swing in favour of something, that’s how that game is played. We have more freedom to do certain things – that’s what I mean by taking action – that may not be politically expedient.

    I am not saying that this means anything will be affected, yet – Joanna Cherry seems to be a fairly rare moderate voice of reason still very focused on the issue of independence, but she has gained the confidence of many people – my point here is that these small steps DO lead to something, and every contribution (time/money/expertise/opinion) is worthwhile even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time. Some things will work, some things won’t, but keep at it, keeping coming up with ideas or supporting others. Anybody advocating sitting back and waiting for someone else to do it all for us is not your friend.

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