Once again BBC Scotland exploits the death of a baby as sepsis mortality declines in our hospitals to less than half that in England

For more than a year now, BBC Scotland has been lingering on single hospital deaths, presenting distraught mothers and showing heart-tugging images of the dead baby or child. In each case, the mother’s certainty that a hospital acquired infection triggered sepsis and death, is headlined, sometimes carefully in quotation marks.

It’s classic tabloid journalism with stories selected to morbidly titillate and to sell rather than to inform as, of course, a public service should. Nowhere, in this or in previous reports do we hear what the public needs to hear – How common is sepsis? Is the trend up or down and by how much? Is the rate in Scotland higher or lower than elsewhere?

It’s down 21% since 2012. See this:

There were 4 466 sepsis deaths in Scotland from 2014 to 2017 giving an average rate of around 1 500: https://www.sundaypost.com/fp/sepsis-death-toll-climbs-in-scotland-to-over-4000-in-last-three-years/

In England, there were 37 000 sepsis deaths in 2014: https://www.england.nhs.uk/rightcare/2018/06/19/taking-on-a-silent-killer-a-system-approach/

So, the rate in England is 25 times that of Scotland but the population is only 10 times higher. Thus, the rate per capita is 2.5 times higher.

6 thoughts on “Once again BBC Scotland exploits the death of a baby as sepsis mortality declines in our hospitals to less than half that in England

  1. This alone is enough reason for Indi. To get rid of appalling exploitative stenography by the BBC.
    Perhaps i can be accused of exploiting this death to score a political point but really is human decency a political point?

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  2. In the same bulletins we heard several times from the former Coordinator of the COP26 Conference who had been summarily dismissed from her post by the PM. She is a former Conservative MP and Minister. She was heard saying that ‘the Scottish Government had behaved disgracefully in contracting the venues around the SECC’. The intention of this was to give the impression that the SG was behaving spitefully by PREVENTING these venues from being used for the Conference.

    However, on the BBC website the story is lead by how the PM ‘heartily and saltily’ had rejected any involvement of the SG in COP26 and the story is headlined to imply the PM’s spitefulness. The report, in its second half, then reports the often repeated broadcast quote I give above.

    This looks to me like propaganda by GMS.

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    1. Yes, I definitely thought this one interesting. There have already been rumours of the Scottish Government being excluded from the climate summit, so was keeping half an ear out for anything happening with it.

      On the radio this morning the reporting covered a few things:

      a) minister summarily dismissed from her post of organising this event
      b) minister annoyed with SG for its seeming actions of preventing the use of buildings that she wanted to use
      c) minister stating that as a consequence she suggested to PM that SG should be fully involved with planning and participating in the event
      d) association made between minister being dismissed and her support for involving the SG
      e) statement made on the PM view that the minister was not up to the task and was going too slow

      So, what do we get out of this confusing morass of reportage? That the SG/Nicola Sturgeon is sneaky and underhand, that the PM is strong and stable, that the Minister was a bit of a radical and should not have had that job?

      I would say that logic dictates that for (b) she was not furious with SG, but with PM, otherwise she would not have suggested (c).

      What I will be really really very incredibly curious about is how the other countries attending will view the situation/event if the scottish government really is excluded…


  3. Seems like the BBC in Scotland is an organisation losing its credibility, its audience and the respect of that audience. It is using tabloid-style shock stories to cover its political bias and lack of journalistic ethics, so it can appear relevant in modern Scotland.
    For me, it doesn’t seem to be working, and it is paddling hard down the Swanee to catch the Hootsmon and Herod.

    Audience figures anyone?


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