William Henderson

I thought I’d pursue the principal ‘scare’ of the morning viz. “Dry, hot summers could become ‘norm’ in Scotland”.

We are told that ‘researchers’ from Edinburgh and Oxford have concluded that Scotland, presumably in isolation, can expect Saharan summers from now on. Catastrophe is definitely implied and we should all be suitably frightened for the well-being of our grandchildren. Unfortunately, the news piece contains a link which leads to the synopsis of the conclusions of the group.This summary indicates that the research consisted largely the temperature data from the hot spell we had in the summer of 2018 being compared with heatwaves of the past century and plugged into a couple of climate change computer models to see what came out at the end – which was:

There’s really nothing to worry about in Scotland as far as hot summers are concerned but, just in case, it would be a good idea to look at infrastructure (presumably water reservoir capacity) development in the future.

Nobody would have thought of that, eh?All nonsense, but as you have pointed out repeatedly the headline has done its early morning work and we are suitably unsettled here in poor wee stupid Scotland.


No asteroid impact this time William? That’s a shame. I rather liked the asteroid impact idea. A dry wasted desert it is then,,, if we were independent of course.