On schools, reader Legerwood offers us headlines from the Guardian last year:

  • Schools ask BBC’s Children in Need to cover funding gap.
  • Some English schools cannot afford to teach 5 days per week.
  • More than 300 English primary schools forced to become academies.
  • ‘Vanity Project’: debts pile up for English free schools scheme.
  • Sats results show 39% of primary pupils failed to meet standard
  • More than 6000,000 pupils in England taught by unqualified teachers
  • 40,000 children trapped in zombie academy schools.
  • More than 49,000 pupils ‘disappeared’ from English schools
  • Sunderland school suspends more than half its pupils in a year.
  • England’s children’s commissioner calls for police in schools.
  • Revealed one in six schools in England require urgent repairs

And on hospitals:

Meanwhile in Tory NHS England. From the Guardian in the past week. Hospitals so overcrowded they have rented hotel rooms and instructed clinicians to discharge patients to free up beds even if it may harm the patients. A new term has been coined – ‘corridor nursing’s- when all the beds in a ward are occupied and patients end up being nursed in the corridor

Then Contrary points out that excuses about the affordability of better schools and hospitals don’t stand up to scrutiny:

And the U.K. Government claims they can’t ‘afford it’ as well, like their criminal justice system and the NHS ,,, etc. Richard Muphy has posted an excellent video of a talk telling us exactly why a government deficit is good, necessary even, and if you understand it, it’ll make you weep at the injustices of Westminster :

(First 10 minutes is boring intro stuff)

And it begs the question of how our Scottish government can do so much on a fixed budget – imagine the power of a fair government with fiscal autonomy! Not that they seem to have a clue how it works either mind you,,, educate yourselves and force politicians to stop deceiving us on economical matters!