Ludo Thierry

Meanwhile – the eminently sensible and joined up anti period poverty policy (and programme) of the SNP Scottish Government is now being rolled out across state schools and Colleges throughout England. Link and snippet from BBC health page (somehow or other BBC Scotland managed to miss this story – can’t imagine how that happened – can you?):

State schools and colleges in England can now order free period products for students as part of a government scheme to tackle period poverty.

Tampons, pads and menstrual cups will be available for primary and secondary institutions to order if they opt in.

The scheme aims to help prevent children missing school if they don’t have access to products at home.

Children and Families Minister Michelle Donelan said the scheme will mean young people can “go about their daily lives” without having to worry.

The Department for Education website says the rate reflects the fact that not all students will need the products all of the time, and is mirrored in a scheme that is already rolled out in Scotland.