BBC Scotland’s cowboy journalists’ door-step SNP minister in desperate ‘filler’ for their NHS campaign

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Door-stepping the Scottish Government Public Health Minister to be sure viewers and readers make the required association and returning to their previous story in December 2019 where a non-Scot killed an American in flawed beauty treatment, BBC Scotland headline this non-story. Did some expert really say: ‘wild west?’ Maybe:

Ken Stewart, the plastic surgery adviser to the Scottish government, previously compared the existing system to the “wild west”.

Where is the actual quote?

The report is just another attempt to keep their cauldron boiling with association poison for the reputation of the SNP government, as in yesterday’s tasteless exhumation of the story of a wee girl almost certainly not killed by a hospital infection.

Try searching ‘BBC beauty filler’ and find a single case of a door-stepped minister in England, N Ireland and Wales. I tried and gave up after ten or so.

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3 thoughts on “BBC Scotland’s cowboy journalists’ door-step SNP minister in desperate ‘filler’ for their NHS campaign

  1. Not sure if this is right place to note this – but I don’t want to go too far back in time…
    Carillion were also involved in the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Road (or the Bypass to give it a shorter name!).
    The Scottish government had insisted on classes in the contracts stating that if a contractor went bust the other contractors had to step in to continue the work. So what was the result of the Carillion collapse: “The final section opened in February 2019 – later than planned partly due to weather issues, the January 2018 collapse of contractor Carillion, and concrete problems at the River Don crossing” (Wikipedia). So a years delay, compared to the hospital; delays of 5 years for the Royal Liverpool (and £250m over budget) and 4 years for the Midland Metropolitan (more than £300m over budget).
    Imagine the reaction from the Tories and Labour and Lim Dems if the Aberdeen Bypass had been delayed by as much and over-run as much…


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