Tory Councillor pretends to be Scotsman journalist again

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McLellan offers his dark knowledge to the Scottish Tories to help them deceive the electorate.

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McLellan is a real establishment figure:

‘John McLellan has been a City of Edinburgh Conservative councillor since 2017 and was director of communications for the Scottish Conservatives in 2012-13. He has edited The Scotsman, the Edinburgh Evening News and Scotland on Sunday and is currently director of the Scottish Newspaper Society’

Perhaps too scary to mention, he has also served as a member of the Government’s Defence, Press and Broadcasting Committee (

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10 thoughts on “Tory Councillor pretends to be Scotsman journalist again

  1. The joke about the P&J reporting “NE man dies at sea” when apparently he was on the Titanic at the time says it all.
    An excellent provincial newspaper.
    Unionisim is gradually draining away to the more remote parts of Scotland.

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  2. Hasn’t taken long for the sleaze to start to ooze its way out from under the first (on past form = first of many) of the new job-lot of tory chancers to have slimed their nose into the Westminster feeding trough. Link and snippets below: (Doubtless part of the ‘business case’ made by britnats who want to force students in Scotland to pay eye-watering tuition fees as students are required to do south of the border):

    A newly elected Conservative MP who claimed he was not involved in the running of a “Sugar Daddy” website in fact co-owned it, BuzzFeed News can reveal.

    Last week Jamie Wallis, the new Tory MP for Bridgend, attempted to distance himself from, a now-defunct website which offered students financial relationships with wealthy “sponsors”. had been promoted on, another of Wallis’ business ventures.

    In an on-the-record statement on Thursday, Wallis led BuzzFeed News to believe that he was unaware of the Sugar Daddy site and claimed he had no financial relationship with its owner, a company called SD Billing Services Limited.

    But Companies House records flatly contradict Wallis’ statement.

    An annual return filed by SD Billing Services in 2008 stated that 100% of its shares were owned by a company called Fields Group Limited.

    Fields Group Limited’s annual return from the same year listed Wallis as one of its directors and shareholders.

    Companies House records therefore state that Wallis was a co-owner of SD Billing Services — the company which owned and operated — contrary to his claim to BuzzFeed News that he never had a financial interest in the company.

    When BuzzFeed News asked Wallis on Monday morning to explain the discrepancies between his on-the-record statement to us last week and the records held by Companies House, he did not respond.

    The Conservative Party declined to comment. (Since Cooncillor McLellan has earned a crust as Communications Director for the tories previously perhaps he might feel qualified to issue a statement on what Johnson and Co plan to do about it?)


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