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Is a temporary stay in B&B an ‘ordeal?’ How common is this in Scotland relative to other parts of the UK?

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The Scotsman The Guardian article today does not, of course, present any Scottish breakdown but the Shelter research study from 2018 does:

Click to access The_housing_crisis_generation_-_Homeless_children_in_Britain.pdf

That more than 9 000 children were in B&B or hostels in England is shocking and 90 times higher than in Scotland. The rate in Labour Wales, with half the population is also, pro rata, 5 times higher than in Scotland. The table above, also reveals that the total number of homeless children in Scotland is only slightly over half that, per capita, of England. All things being equal, at 11 times the population the English figure should be around 70 000 but is actually 123 000.

Explanation for the above can be found here: