Scotland’s unemployment rate same or better than comparable parts of UK but BBC Scotland won’t tell you that

Reporting Scotland were keen to tell you that unemployment is higher, and employment is lower, in Scotland than for the UK as a whole.

Of course, any fool knows there is no point in comparing a country of 5.4 million with one of 65 million which contains within it one of the world’s megacities, massively over-populated, centrally subsidised and economically overheated. Ignored by BBC Scotland’s team of researchers and presenters, the full ONS data, below, show us that Scotland has essentially the same unemployment rate as most of England other than in the overheated south and better than in the North-East, London and the Midlands. Scotland has the same employment rate as London and better than that of the North-East, Yorkshire, N Ireland and Wales.

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2 thoughts on “Scotland’s unemployment rate same or better than comparable parts of UK but BBC Scotland won’t tell you that

  1. Alas, for BBC Scotland’s colonial editors, “Scotland is a far away country of which they know nothing”.

    Hopefully they will be more aware of us in future, perhaps when the EBC send a foreign correspondent.

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  2. I find myself shaking my head when all of these data are published each month or each quarter. They represent provisional data at a particular point in a longer term trend. They are subject to revision each month, although such adjustments are seldom, if ever, reported. Changes from one month or quarter to another are rarely significant and most of the differences between different parts of the UK are not statistically significant, although some, such as the differences between the north-east and south-east of England, probably are. The special position of London for the range of reasons you have stated distort the data for England.

    Talking of London, it is the part of the UK where inequality is greatest. It is also the part of the UK in which support for the Labour Party is strongest.

    This is just BBC Scotland up to its data mining propaganda.

    While once it could have been accused of being tilted towards Labour, BBC Scotland has over the past few years become more overtly and unapologetically pro-Conservative.

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