How the South Ayrshire Tories will sacrifice our fishing and fish processing industry

(c) Don McDougall

Thanks to Kathleen Barr for alerting me to this.

‘Only the SNP can stop them. I know it’s hard to stop voting Labour but put Ayrshire, Carrick and Cumnock first.’

From the Financial Times on October 30th 2019:

[T]he arrangements for Northern Ireland under the Brexit deal — which keeps it in the EU’s customs union and elements of its single market, while also guaranteeing Northern Irish businesses and farmers “unfettered access” to the rest of the UK — could have far-reaching consequences for Scotland.  “Scotland will therefore not only lose the benefits of EU, single market and customs union membership, but will also be at a competitive disadvantage in relation to Northern Ireland,” it said.  This had the potential to destroy the seafood processing sector on Scotland’s west coast.

So, to put it plainly, Northern Irish boats will have free access to fish in the same waters as Ayrshire boats but when their catches are landed and processed in Northern Ireland, they can then be exported to Europe without paying import tariffs, keeping their prices down and making them more attractive. Ayrshire boats will land their catches here and the processors and suppliers will have to pay import tariffs to sell in Europe making them more expensive for the same product and so less attractive.

Tory Brexit will guarantee this. Don’t vote for them. They care nothing for the people of South Ayrshire. Labour will come third again so don’t split the anti-Tory vote.

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