Any excuse for my favourite placards!

YouGov today for 5th to 6th November:

  • Con                  22%
  • Lab                  10%
  • DimLeb            8%
  • SNP                 47%
  • Brexit              5%
  • Greens             8%

Click to access TheTimes_Sky_VI_191106_w.pdf

So, since the end of October, we have 50, 41, 47 and now another 47, giving an average over four polls of 46.25%.

Why pay particular attention to the YouGov sub-polls? Here’s what the ultra-numerate James Kelly has to say:

[T]he best we have to go on are YouGov’s Scottish subsamples, which do have a very large margin of error due to the small sample size, but nevertheless are superior to other firms’ subsamples as a result of being correctly structured and weighted.