Second poll puts SNP support at 50% and over and pro-Indy parties at 56% again

From ORB International with 146 adult Scots and fieldwork on 30-31 October:

  • Con                  16%
  • Lab                  15%
  • DimLeb            8%
  • Brexit               3%
  • SNP                  52%
  • Green              4%

This echoes the YouGov poll already reported here today putting the SNP at 50% and pro-Indy parties, the same, at 56%:

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3 thoughts on “Second poll puts SNP support at 50% and over and pro-Indy parties at 56% again

  1. SNP Scottish Govt maintains the pace of preparations for soon-to-be achieved normality by strengthening bilateral collaboration in key policy areas with Ireland – Link and snippets from below:

    Work to look at collaboration in key policy areas.

    The Irish and Scottish governments are launching a joint bilateral review to look at how the countries can work together over the next five years.

    The review, announced by Tánaiste Simon Coveney and External Affairs Secretary Fiona Hyslop, is the first undertaken by the two countries, and will cover collaboration in key policy areas including trade, research and culture, as well as joint initiatives such as the Irish-Scottish Health Forum.

    It will also focus on cooperation beyond government, in the areas of business and economy, community, academic and research links, culture, and rural, coastal and island communities.

    Led by the Consulate General of Ireland in Edinburgh and the Scottish Government Hub in Dublin, it will include an online questionnaire and other public engagement activities, leading to a joint report published in spring 2020. The report will set out shared goals and priorities for up to 2025.


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