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Will anyone else report this? I see no sign so far. From the ONS yesterday:

In 2019, 8.7% of employee jobs in London were low-paid, compared with an average of 16.2% in the rest of the UK (Figure 1). Similarly, London had a higher proportion of high-paid jobs compared with the rest of the UK (42.5% compared with an average of 25.4%, respectively).

The country with the lowest proportion of low-paid employee jobs was Scotland with 14.5%. In Wales, the proportion was 19.1% and in Northern Ireland it was 21.1%.

The proportion of low-paid employee jobs since 2000 has decreased in all regions and countries of the UK. Scotland experienced the largest decrease (by 15.8 percentage points) followed by the South West (15.1 percentage points) and the North East (12.9 percentage points).


Some reasons:

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