Look at the Herald headline above and compare it with how BBC Scotland choose ot present the same story, below:

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BBC Scotland tell us about the life of one gang-member but, typically, tell us nothing about gangs as a phenomenon in Scotland. Fed presumably by a charity, they tell us all about one young man and satisfy themselves that they have contextualised the story with:

The charity’s Serious Organised Crime Early Intervention service, which has been running since 2013, has intensively worked with dozens of young people in Glasgow, diverting them from crime to education, training and employment.

Dozens? OMG! Hide!

Could BBC Scotland have given us some figures to help us understand how prevalent this is? Of course they could, and they have researchers to do it.

In May 2018 they did something similar and I was able to put things in context. At 06:26 and repeated five or six more times before 09:00 am, they headlined:

‘Feuds and rivalries between organised crime gangs in the Central Belt pose an increasing threat to the public.’

They reported that there are more than 160 gangs here but on the same day BBC UK had been reporting that there were 4 500 in the UK as a whole. So, Scotland had in 2018, 8% of the population yet only 3.5% of the gangs.