BBC Scotland don’t tell you the good news on gangs

Look at the Herald headline above and compare it with how BBC Scotland choose ot present the same story, below:

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BBC Scotland tell us about the life of one gang-member but, typically, tell us nothing about gangs as a phenomenon in Scotland. Fed presumably by a charity, they tell us all about one young man and satisfy themselves that they have contextualised the story with:

The charity’s Serious Organised Crime Early Intervention service, which has been running since 2013, has intensively worked with dozens of young people in Glasgow, diverting them from crime to education, training and employment.

Dozens? OMG! Hide!

Could BBC Scotland have given us some figures to help us understand how prevalent this is? Of course they could, and they have researchers to do it.

In May 2018 they did something similar and I was able to put things in context. At 06:26 and repeated five or six more times before 09:00 am, they headlined:

‘Feuds and rivalries between organised crime gangs in the Central Belt pose an increasing threat to the public.’

They reported that there are more than 160 gangs here but on the same day BBC UK had been reporting that there were 4 500 in the UK as a whole. So, Scotland had in 2018, 8% of the population yet only 3.5% of the gangs.

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2 thoughts on “BBC Scotland don’t tell you the good news on gangs

  1. Here is a report from the Child and Family pages of the BBC website, i.e. UK pages.

    The demand is for contextual data relating to the infamous school ‘league tables’ in England. Such data has been presented in Scotland for two decades, when the examination results and other data for Scottish schools is released each year. It is an example of how data on such a complex, multi-faceted area ought to be presented.

    Of course, BBC Scotland and most of the rest of the media ‘mine’ these data for baaaaad statistics or, in the case of ‘top’ schools (i.e. fee paying ones) for data which presents them favourably.

    PS On Good Morning Scotland on Sunday morning there was a very long interview with the Auditor Genera for Scotland, in which she spoke at length about the Auditor Service and how and why it operates. It was an example of a detailed piece of reporting which unravels the complexities. It is what the BBC’s ‘mission to explain’, ought to be about.

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  2. The unrelenting evidence of general good governance policies being pursued across the breadth of public policy areas under the SNP Scottish Govt and YES majority Scottish Palt helps explain why british labour (sub-branch) continues to toil so wretchedly in terms of Scottish members and activists – see link and snippets of Times article below. Time to follow your heart (rather than your britnat career) and join the Indy Express Lesley Laird?:

    A shortage of activists has forced the shadow Scottish secretary to ask friends and family to stuff envelopes and deliver Labour campaign material.

    Lesley Laird made the appeal on Facebook days before being reselected to contest the Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath constituency.

    The unanimous decision, in the seat formerly held by Gordon Brown, was only made by two of the five local branches because three did not have enough members attending the key meeting.

    Ms Laird wrote: “Looking for some assistance to stuff envelopes and deliver materials. If you are able to help in any way just PM [private message] me.”

    Sources said only councillors and candidates were prepared to campaign for the party in Fife, which was once a Labour stronghold. “Sucking up to Corbyn might get you around the shadow cabinet table but it won’t get you re-elected,” a source said. “I feel sorry for Lesley. She works hard but is backing the wrong horse.”

    In February it was reported that Scottish Labour had seen its membership fall by almost 20 per cent since Richard Leonard became leader in January last year, with numbers dropping in all 73 Holyrood constituency parties.


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