Scots company suggests dropping 12 000 tonne weights down a mine shaft to generate and store electricity

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In the Guardian yesterday:

Britain’s cheapest “virtual battery” could be created by hoisting and dropping 12,000-tonne weights – half the weight of the Statue of Liberty – down disused mine shafts, according to Imperial College London. The surprising new source of “gravity energy” is being developed by Gravitricity, an Edinburgh-based startup, which hopes to use Britain’s old mines to make better use of clean electricity at half the cost of lithium-ion batteries. Gravitricity said its system effectively stores energy by using electric winches to hoist the weights to the top of the shaft when there is plenty of renewable energy available, then dropping the weights hundreds of metres down vertical shafts to generate electricity when needed. The scheme mimics hydropower projects which have played a key role in helping to balance the electricity grid since the Dinorwig project in Wales began operating in the mid-1970s.

Previous reports here on battery development in Scotland:

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One thought on “Scots company suggests dropping 12 000 tonne weights down a mine shaft to generate and store electricity

  1. This scheme uses the same basic concept I saw several years ago, some where in America, (i wasn’t there, saw it on the telly) Electric motors were used to pull loaded rail carriages up a mountainside on rail tracks. Electricity was generated when carriages rolled back down. .

    The mineshaft scheme is perfectly suited for use in Britain as there’s plenty of mine shafts, and any additional land required would be available in the vicinity of the disused mine. IMHO its a 10/10.

    On the same subject heard on Radio Shortbread (today) about a scheme funded by “UK gov” where excess electricity is used to pressurise air till it becomes a liquid . . . electricity is generated by heating the liquid, resulting expansion driving turbines. . . . Apparently lots of international interest, another Great British Success broadcast to Scotland by The BBC

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