MoneyWeek allows Tory PROPAGANDA based on LIES about Scotland’s taxation

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Here’s what Lynn, regular in those Conservative and Unionist organs, the Telegraph and the Spectator, had to say today, under a patronising and puzzling picture of a Highland Coo:

You will be taxed more than anywhere else for parking your car at work. You will have to pay an extra levy if you spend the day exploring a historic site. If you buy or sell a property there will be another charge, and you will owe higher income tax as well.

This is propaganda based on lies. I was in Warwick earlier in the year. Parking and castle visiting were extortionate compared to Scotland. That’s only one case but see:

Car Parking:

Research conducted by the RAC Foundation suggests parking fees and fines produced a collective surplus of £756m last year for 353 local councils in England. That’s a 34% increase since 2011.

Hospitals in England are making hundreds of millions of pounds from car parking charges, with more than 40% of NHS trusts increasing the cost of a stay in the past year. An investigation using freedom of information requests found some trusts have doubled the price of car parking for patients and visitors. Such parking charges have been abolished in Wales and most of Scotland.

Historic Sites:

You’ll pay nothing to visit many of Scotland’s top attractions. Plenty of them are free to enter, and there’s an array of free events and experiences to enjoy too. Explore castles, museums, art galleries and more, all for free, on a day out that won’t leave you out of pocket. It’s on us.


UK (English] museums to introduce entrance fees in 2016 following Government cuts


Roughly speaking, people in Scotland pay less income tax than the rest of the UK on earnings below £27,000 a year, and more income tax on earnings above that. The differences are relatively marginal though.

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One thought on “MoneyWeek allows Tory PROPAGANDA based on LIES about Scotland’s taxation

  1. The real question is where is the lost English money going ?

    Siphoned off certainly and much of it probably untaxed into offshore shell companies in fiscal paradises, maybe.

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