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In the Herald today:

‘MEDICAL schools in Scotland must increase their overall intakes and ensure a much greater share of places go to Scottish students, doctors’ leaders have said. A report by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and Faculties in Scotland (AMRCFS) said it was vital to stem a growing workforce crisis and limit a post-graduate brain drain.’

That’s a mighty fine title the AMRCFS have. Makes you feel small and unable to question them don’t it boy? The Scottish Academy Chairman is London-based Professor Derek Bell OBE. As for the basis for their claims, I haven’t read their report. I’m tired of reading the usual unscientific, partisan report, based on an unreliable, self-selecting, sample using leading questions, again if at all. The numerous royal colleges have yet to produce anything like reliable research. They’re just fancy trade unions, and their claims are merely ill-informed rumours. Here are some facts:

SNP Government acts to increase new doctor supply by 22%

June 24, 2019

Thanks to a parliamentary question from Miles Briggs MSP, we can reveal that the number of funded medical places is to be increased from 848 in 2015 to 1 038 by 2021.

Click to access WA20190620.pdf

This comes after news revealing that Scotland already has 92 GPs per 100 000 population while England has only 73 or 25% less!

Already better-staffed NHS Scotland doctor training meeting recruitment targets

From the Scottish Government in July 2019:

Latest recruitment figures show that 89% of all medical training posts in Scotland are currently filled – the highest level for five years at this stage in recruitment. Foundation training places – for the two years post-medical school – are currently 99% full. The speciality areas of clinical radiology, paediatrics and general surgery show 100% fill rates.  In core psychiatry, 41 of the 57 posts advertised have been filled – a rate of 72%. The Scottish Government is working with the Royal College of Psychiatrists, health boards and medical schools to ensure this rate continues to improve.

Greater share of Scottish students

To retain more doctors in NHS Scotland in the long term the SG plans to increase the number of Scots dom/EU medical students by 100 and decrease the number from the rest UK by the same, to retain an estimated 36 extra doctors per year within specialty training.


But the Dim Lebs and the Herald tell the SG it’s wrong to do so



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