From YouGov for the Times, based on 8-9 October, with 139 Scots adults (no under 18s), we see

  • Con        20%
  • Lab         10%
  • LD           8%
  • SNP        43%
  • Brexit    10%
  • Green    6%

Click to access TheTimes_191009_VI_Trackers_w.pdf

Once more the SNP support seems to be holding up above 40% and likely to sweep the board other than in the Lib Dem fastnesses. The ‘Swinson Effect’ is clearly non-existent or perhaps negative and she must be on the shoogliest peg in East Dunbartonshire.

The poll also shows Scots to be the least likely to be concerned about crime at 15% compared to around 30% in most of England and Wales and the least concerned about immigration at 12% compared to around 20% across England and Wales.