Billy Connolly says Scotland ‘won’t take crap anymore’

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Good to see Billy Connolly continue his long, slow journey towards accepting that he and his fellow Scots have the right to determine their own political future. Interview with beeb Arts reporter – would his constitutional observations have been sought (or passed the edit) had the interview been with beeb Scotland one wonders? Link and snippet below:

Billy Connolly: ‘I’m not ready to go back on stage’

In the interview, he also discussed how the current political landscape in his home country of Scotland.

In an independence referendum held in September 2014, Scotland voted to remain part of the United Kingdom. Connolly has previously expressed support for the Union.

“Politically, [Scotland] is in extraordinary shape,” he said. “It’s beginning to stand alone, and they won’t take crap anymore. They don’t want to settle for whoever England votes for.”

Asked directly if he would support Scottish independence in the event of a second referendum, he replied: “I don’t know. If Scotland would like it, I would like it.”

Welcome aboard the Indy Express Mr. Connolly – the more the merrier.

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6 thoughts on “Billy Connolly says Scotland ‘won’t take crap anymore’

  1. it would have been nice to actually hear the comments refered to , the clip just covers general talk about Billy’s condition , I will try to find the whole interview if it hasn’t been tampered with by BBC Scottish branch.

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  2. Billy stopped living in Scotland many years ago. Leaving at a time when Labour still ruled the roost in a Scotland suffering under Thatcher. So its not too surprising his sympathies lent towards Labour. Listenning to him and too his credit ( Labour’s Jake McConnell had his claws into him) its clear he’s put some effort into learning about what’s going on here politically and like many Labour people before him he is moving towards a pro Indy. stance ………C’mon the Big Yin.


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