‘The stresses and strains of brexit expose yet another Better Together Falsehood’

Ludo Thierry

Remember when, during Indyref 1, Project Fear proponents constantly whined that licensed professions wouldn’t be allowed to practice cross-border if Scotland voted YES? – The stresses and strains of brexit expose yet another Better Together Falsehood (and it’s carried on the beeb – so we know it must be so!) The sensible cross-border mutual recognitions and arrangements made between UK and Ireland Veterinary licencing authorities are a perfect template for what WILL happen between multiple professional bodies when Scotland votes YES in Indyref 2 – link and snippets below: Thanks beeb for exposing yet another Better Together untruth – Keep up the good work!


Vets who qualified in the Republic of Ireland will be able to keep practising in the UK in event of a no-deal Brexit.

It will also mean UK-qualified vets will be able to continue practising in Ireland.

Currently, EU citizens who graduate from University College Dublin (UCD) have an automatic right to work in the UK via the EU’s mutual recognition of professional qualifications directive.

The new agreement means, whatever the Brexit outcome, UCD graduates can join the register of veterinary surgeons in the UK, and UK graduates can join the equivalent register in Ireland.

One thought on “‘The stresses and strains of brexit expose yet another Better Together Falsehood’

  1. Ludo, What you say makes complete sense. However, as we know from 2014, common sense is marked by its absence in the unionist paradigm of Scotland – we are too wee and no very good. In fact, we are so ‘no very good that we are incapable of even noticing or remembering the lies told by the unionists on the BBC and in the dead tree press.

    All of the mendacious crap we heard in 2014 is being trotted out again – we hate the English, our pensions aren’t guaranteed, our friends and relations living in England will become foreigners, etc. Partly, this is because these tales worked with enough people to prevent more from switching to YES and, will still be potent with some unionists, especially when they will be repeatedly repeated by the unionist media. And, more optimistically, it is maybe all that the unionists have. The Brexit fiasco has demonstrated the vacuity of these claims, but they have nothing different to add.

    I suspect that they will become more brayingly jingoistic (Britishly), and more racist and xenophobic. I think they will also start appealing more nakedly to class interests. In 2014 there was quite a noticeable class divide between YES and NO voters, with the latter beeing significantly more affluent. Despite the ‘it was Labour voters in the north of England who mainly voted LEAVE’, the LEAVE vote was mainly white, affluent and living in the South East of England – the kind of people who have investments and, Brexit is essentially about global finance and freebooting capitalism. Although Scotland voted 62% leave, with the affluent parts of Scotland being pretty strongly for REMAIN, a fair proportion of these people will be susceptible to the naked greed and self-interest which underpins Brexit and which also underpinned their opposition to YES in 2014.

    However, I feel that this is a dwindling, elderly group, but which has been partly augmented by immigration to Scotland from England. The irony is that many of these have come to Scotland because they see a better ambience than exists in England, but they live in such closeted communities that they actually do not mix much with longer term residents of Scotland and so, are not exposed to the arguments for self-determination. They do not want to become ‘foreigners in their OWN country’ – because they see Scotland as part of Britain/England.


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