Ludo Thierry

Remember when, during Indyref 1, Project Fear proponents constantly whined that licensed professions wouldn’t be allowed to practice cross-border if Scotland voted YES? – The stresses and strains of brexit expose yet another Better Together Falsehood (and it’s carried on the beeb – so we know it must be so!) The sensible cross-border mutual recognitions and arrangements made between UK and Ireland Veterinary licencing authorities are a perfect template for what WILL happen between multiple professional bodies when Scotland votes YES in Indyref 2 – link and snippets below: Thanks beeb for exposing yet another Better Together untruth – Keep up the good work!

Vets who qualified in the Republic of Ireland will be able to keep practising in the UK in event of a no-deal Brexit.

It will also mean UK-qualified vets will be able to continue practising in Ireland.

Currently, EU citizens who graduate from University College Dublin (UCD) have an automatic right to work in the UK via the EU’s mutual recognition of professional qualifications directive.

The new agreement means, whatever the Brexit outcome, UCD graduates can join the register of veterinary surgeons in the UK, and UK graduates can join the equivalent register in Ireland.