One Scottish Tory forgets which party he is in as Boris refuses to spaff taxpayers’ money up an old folk’s home wall

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If we spend all the cash on old crusties how can we put planes on those faffing aircraft carriers?

As his English bosses cut billions from the care budget upsetting even Tory councillors there, Miles Briggs, once more, polishes his brass neck and challenges the Scottish Government to do more on the very same thing:

Miles Briggs (Lothian) (Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party):

To ask the Scottish Government what steps it will take to tackle the concerns regarding hospital discharge that were raised in the British Red Cross report, Life beyond the ward, Recommendations for improving hospital discharge in Scotland, and what steps it is taking to implement the recommendation that it should (a) shift the focus of care to people, their holistic needs and their experiences as they navigate the health and care system, (b) harness the power of non-clinical support, including the voluntary and community sector, to support effective discharge from hospital to home and (c) introduce a fivestep independence check to check patients’ non-clinical independence factors as part of the discharge process.

He got a holding answer but readers have, I suspect, one ready for him now.

Click to access WA20191008.pdf

Should readers need a reminder of just what the Eton schoolboys have been up to down there, see these:

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