Dicky’s new quiff looks a bit desperate.

Though the Scotsman reads the YouGov sub-poll results quite favourably for the Lib Dems, I find it hard to agree. I know they will probably hang on to their Northern fastness but across the country, they look weak, stuck at 11% from the previous one for 9-10 September. Surely Swinson will fall.

Based on a sub-sample of 173 Scots adults with fieldwork on 19-20 September, they suggest

  • Con                  21%
  • Lab                  11%
  • LD                    11%
  • SNP                  45%
  • Brexit              7%
  • Green              4%


It’s only in one region, ‘Rest of South’ that the Lib Dems lead Labour.

As for the SNP this is the 20th YouGov poll, this year, putting them above 40% and on track to sweep the boards.