Dicky’s new quiff looks a bit desperate.

Though the Scotsman reads the YouGov sub-poll results quite favourably for the Lib Dems, I find it hard to agree. I know they will probably hang on to their Northern fastness but across the country, they look weak, stuck at 11% from the previous one for 9-10 September. Surely Swinson will fall.

Based on a sub-sample of 173 Scots adults with fieldwork on 19-20 September, they suggest

  • Con                  21%
  • Lab                  11%
  • LD                    11%
  • SNP                  45%
  • Brexit              7%
  • Green              4%

Click to access PeoplesVote_190920_w.pdf

It’s only in one region, ‘Rest of South’ that the Lib Dems lead Labour.

As for the SNP this is the 20th YouGov poll, this year, putting them above 40% and on track to sweep the boards.