Former BBC Scotland Head of News still punting for Labour with evidence-free prediction of ‘SNP wipeout’

John Boothman, was moved aside from Head of News in 2015, after bullying Zoe MacDonald, a camerawoman. He was/is married to Susan Deacon, a former Labour MSP and Health Minister at Holyrood and is said to have offered media training to Labour Party wannabe politicians. 

Now a regular gammon with the Times, kind of like Macwhirter at the Spectator, here he is today:

The SNP could be facing a political graveyard where its seats disappear at next year’s general election. Every Westminster constituency in an area that includes Glasgow and almost all of Lanarkshire is now at risk of becoming a kind of Bermuda Triangle for disappearing Nationalists thanks to the resurgence of Labour.

With a Westminster poll just over a year away, the downfall of Margaret Ferrier — the MP dubbed a “Covidiot” after travelling breaking lockdown rules — will be the first test of whether an electoral phenomenon of disappearing yellow is about to occur on a large scale.

Evidence? Of course not, because his thesis would not survive a collision with it.

From Survation on 3 May, SNP support in Glasgow at 40.34% and Labour at 29.45%.

From YouGov on 20 April, SNP support in Glasgow at 44% and Labour at 28%.

Not nearly close enough to win anything.

Lanarkshire data not easy to extract from these polls.



12 thoughts on “Former BBC Scotland Head of News still punting for Labour with evidence-free prediction of ‘SNP wipeout’

  1. Raab to stand down at next election. Tories set to lose. A few months of disconnection. Then down they go.

    Any Independence supporters who votes Labour or does not vote will be hugely disappointed. 50/50. Yet Independence supporters vote unionist? They will get what they ask for. Nothing. Independence supporters need to turnout. To get the opposition out. Vote for Independence Parties and take anothe4 along as well. The power is in the people’s hands. Use it or lose it.


  2. All very well, but, unfortunately, the power of media untruths is still prevalent, and persuasive, to many people less well informed than ourselves.
    While their influence is rapidly declining, they are still a force to be reckoned with, again unfortunately.

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  3. You can’t ignore the ongoing and escalating propaganda onslaught against the SNP, Boothman is very much playing that same game.


    1. Bob, the “game” is all they have. Its currently like a “New Dawn” for the “Scottish” media and all ex Labour wannabes.

      Labour in Scotland have nothing to offer accept a “Tory Lite” future. Plus maybe some sprinkling of brown envelopes. They will not be allowed, even if they could thing of any, to offer a distinct Scottish agenda.

      Labour in Wales get away with their agenda for now as Labour is not in power in England.

      Nope, I am sure that the Herald, James Cook et al will continue to peddle the Labour recovery and the SNP’s demise. Its what they are being paid for right enough 🙂

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  4. Less “New Dawn” than “Shit, it’s not working”…
    After almost a decade of propaganda campaigns having failed you might think the promoters would have been more clued up…

    Wales is a very different case as Labour there are still old Labour with the same basic principles, not the Starmer or Sarwar look-alikes in England and Scotland…


  5. I visit Twitter every day and I have noticed a marked increase in unionist propaganda. At first, it was just the usual suspects, Stephen Kerr, Annie Wells, Chris Hoy, D.Ross, Andrew Bowie and the odd tweet from Jackie Baillie and Sarwar. And all of it is just badmouthing the SNP and the Scottish Government.
    Doesn’t seem to matter if it’s true or not. But recently it’s got so full on with unionist parties I’m finding it difficult to weed out any tweets from the people I actually follow.


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