40% more NHS dentists in Scotland


From the House of Commons Library today:

Over the past decade, the number of dentists providing NHS treatment per 100,000 population peaked in 2014/15 at a rate of 44.1 dentists per 100,000. In 2021/22 the figure was 42.9 per 100,000 population. 

Concerns have also been expressed about the number of NHS dentists turning to private practice. In May 2022, the BDA reported 3,000 dentists had stopped providing NHS dental services since the start of the pandemic and their survey of high street dentists found nearly half (45%) reported reducing their NHS commitment since the onset of the pandemic. 75% said they were likely to reduce their NHS commitment in the next year.

NHS dentistry in England – House of Commons Library (parliament.uk)

From the Scottish Government in 2022:

“We’re delivering record investment in dentistry – with a 9% increase in the budget for NHS dental services in 2022-23 – and there has been a 39% increase in the number of high-street dentists in Scotland between 2007 and 2021. Last year there were 55.6 dentists per 100,000 of the population providing NHS care in Scotland compared to 39.9 in England.


Some disagreement about the ratio in England but either way around 40% more NHS dentists in Scotland.


3 thoughts on “40% more NHS dentists in Scotland

  1. On Radio 3 ‘News’ headlines this morning, they reported that Labour had criticised NHS waiting list times in England and had pledged to set targets to improve. The BBC then reported that the Tories had indicated that NHS waiting list times in Wales are poorer than those for England. And, no the interviewer did not do a John Beattie and roar, “This ‘whataboutery’!”


    1. …but did not rebut with ”However , Scotland is far better than England !”- either due to lack of knowledge of the situation in Scotland …. or deliberately ignoring the better performance ?
      My money’s on the latter !


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