8% of the population, 76% of the new trees


Thanks to Dottie’s Phone for alerting me to this.

In the Guardian today:

A [UK] government scheme to support the natural regeneration of trees has in two years created an area of new woodland smaller than Regent’s Park in London.

And way down the page:

In 2019, about 1,400 hectares of new woodland were created in the Cairngorms national park in Scotland through national regeneration – the same area of new woodland as was created in the whole of England that same year.


Dottie also directed me to this from Forestry Statistics 2022 Chapter 1: Woodland Area & Planting, Forestry Commission:

So, 76% of all new planting in the UK, was in Scotland.

Scotland is twice as wooded as England after William the Conqueror refused to invest in trees because they could conceal English rebels?




4 thoughts on “8% of the population, 76% of the new trees

  1. It gets tedious doesn’t it? The UK is doing so well BECAUSE of Scotland’s contribution BUT it’s never the UK doing badly if the Scottish stats happen to be down. Then, it’s only Scotland’s fault. So much for better together.

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  2. Plenty of places to plant them. Congested London S/E.

    Westminster sucking away Scotland’s revenues and resources. Ruining the economy. Ruining the world economy with eternal war, Scotland has to pa6 for it, The Westminster psychophants and liars. Causing havoc everywhere. Total appalling consummate liars.

    London S/E total congestion ruining the Scottish economy. The north/south divide. The Westminster cabel ruining the world economy. Posturing in Japan promoting eternal war, Scotland has to pay for it. Ruining the Scottish economy. The Westminster unlawful parasites. Breaking every Law in the book. Breaking International. They will soon be out. Vote them out of Scotland. Ge5 rid of the havoc, hypocrisy and catastrophe of Westminster appalling liars. Killing people.


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