Covid cases now only a tiny presence in Scottish hospitals? Is this not news?

From Monday 8 May, there have been less than 300 cases of people hospitalised due to Covid and none in intensive care.

For the last month and more there have been no BBC Scotland tales of overwhelmed hospitals or of opposition politicians demanding the SNP do something about it.

Why is this not being reported?

Pro rata, infection levels remain much higher in England and Wales:

Wales with around 60% of Scotland’s population, has more cases hospitalised while England with 10 times the population has 18 times as many, twice the rate pro rata.

Why is this not being reported?


7 thoughts on “Covid cases now only a tiny presence in Scottish hospitals? Is this not news?

  1. Still quite a few people dying of Covid, in England mainly. If it’s your family member, it’s one too many. Scotland cannot be seen to be doing better than England in anything, no matter the facts.
    I have a hospital appointment next week, I’ll be wearing a mask indoors, I don’t want to be one of the 300 hospitalised, a low number, but you have to be quite unwell with it to need to be in hospital.
    Travelling Tabby not updating his weekly stats on Covid, as if yesterday.

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  2. From
    18th May: The definition of a Covid-19 inpatient has been updated this week to remove any individuals with a stay of over 10 days in hospital (they were previously removed after surpassing 28 days). This has resulted in a drop in the ‘In Hospital’ figures from the 8th of May 2023 onwards. Additionally, the ICU figures have not been updated this week.





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