Tory brass neck as twice guilty MSP calls for Holyrood inquiry

In the National today:

THE Scottish Tories have demanded that a parliamentary inquiry is launched into the SNP’s finances probe. 

Chief whip Alexander Burnett wrote to Presiding Officer Alison Johnstone calling for a new committee to be set up in relation to Operation Branchform.

My memory of yesterday may be unsure at times but I remembered that Burnett had previous. Here it is from September 2017:

Alexander Burnett (SCAUP), asked the Scottish Government what efforts it was making or can make to ensure that electric-only supplied houses are provided a broad choice of suppliers and what steps it is taking or can take to increase the number of suppliers available to homes that are electric only. Seems innocent enough until you remember Burnett’s previous:

Tory aristocrat Alexander Burnett, who is worth more than £40m, failed to declare an interest in his sprawling business empire when submitting written parliamentary questions.

 I see he has declared these in the Holyrood Register of Interests:

I am an unpaid Director of Hill of Banchory ESCo Limited of Banchory Business Centre, Burn O’Bennie Road, Banchory, AB31 5ZU. Hill of Banchory ESCo Limited is a limited company providing heat energy to residential and commercial consumers and is a 100% owned subsidiary (related undertaking) of North Banchory Company Limited.

I am an unpaid Director of JIGSAW Energy Limited of Banchory Business Centre, Burn O’Bennie Road, Banchory, AB31 5ZU. JIGSAW Energy Limited is dormant limited company and is a 100% owned subsidiary (related undertaking) of North Banchory Company Limited.

Unpaid Director eh? But shareholder and dividend collector?

So, there wouldn’t be anything in it for him if the Scottish Government were to allow a bit of a free-for-all on energy supply to householders? Luckily, it looks as if they are going to protect customers by making sure suppliers conform to rigorous standards in customer information. See the answer extract below:

Scotland has a comparatively high number of consumers using electric heating. We are committed to providing targeted support for these consumers, which is we fund Home Energy Scotland who are rolling out an enhanced advice service for electric heating consumers. This service will help users to make informed choices about which supplier is best for them.


6 thoughts on “Tory brass neck as twice guilty MSP calls for Holyrood inquiry

  1. Ahh yes , well done , I wouldn’t recognise the name but I do recognise his face I remember how he tried to hide from being questioned about that .
    These people have a hard neck they are excruciatingly selfish individuals prone to issuing misinformation , he probably thought most people would think he was such a good guy being an unpaid director in other words not taking a salary but that of course is his choice he could decide immediately after his statement that he would in future take a salary and as you say will always have his shareholding perhaps something tucked away in a holding company too after all why pay tax.

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  2. Parliamentary inquiry?
    I would rather see questions asked about the £billions lost to fraud and corruption by the Tory government during the lockdown
    This included a “pipeline” to Tory family, friends and insiders.
    The “ inside man” is now the Prime Minister, and a
    Blue tent in his many homes would be appropriate.

    Of course, none of Scotlands many “investigative journalists, inquiring editors and public service media” would agree.
    They have taken the Kings Shilling and OMERTÀ now applies.

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  3. An enquiry would waste time and money, no doubt that is the Tories’ intention. They have experience in that regard, good at wasting public money. Their media need something to keep the SNP bad stories going. Hopefully most people can see past the rubbish the BritNats are coming out with.

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  4. The multimillionaire 3rd rate loser. In Holyrod to line their pockets with taxpayers monies. Trying to get illegal contracts to family firms. Aberdeenshire council contracts awarded and then overcharged. Flooring contracts. Not sticking to the contracts but overcharging. All covered up when there should have been charges for fraud. Was the monies paid back? Total cover up.

    In Holyrood illegally trying to get planning permission on land, To increase value for family land by millions. Own half of Deeside. Billionaires. Still trying to illegally get access to public monies for private profit. Enough is never enough. Corporate greed.


  5. Bancon. Already gets a collossal income millions. Declared or tax evader. There should be an inquiry into some Holyrood 3rd loser. A few hundred votes. To try to line their extensive profits with public monies of self interest.Soon to be voted out. If there is any justice. D’Hond’t imposed by unionists without a mandate.


  6. There needs to be a Holyrood inquiry into these unionist chancers. Corrupt dealings. Abuse of public monies and resources. Self interest.


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