Fact Check: Not one Calmac cancellation yesterday!

Maligned on a daily basis by our mainstream media, Calmac publishes daily performance figures but you won’t see them much in those media.

Today, for the 16th May 2023, just the top of a huge list with absolutely no cancellations:

The rest at: https://www.calmac.co.uk/calmac-performance-data-browser


2 thoughts on “Fact Check: Not one Calmac cancellation yesterday!

  1. Ah but…etc..

    Rather as HMS James Cook’ most recent installment “Ferry to be built at Ferguson yard despite not being ‘value for money’ ” https://archive.ph/tSON1 there is always going to be some even tenuous connection come along which allows them to recycle their old propaganda for the umpteenth time, eg Lorna Slater’s meeting on Rum.

    So sure of his ground was Douglas Fraser that he published this prize re-write of contractual history – “The Scottish government sunk more than £50m more into the yard when it drove the previous owners into administration”.
    DROVE ?
    Ehm, nothing whatever to do with Jim McColl then ? It was forced on him by a third party who was NOT a signatory to the Contract and it didn’t go to Court ?
    How someone with no apparent knowledge of contract law can become BBC-Scotland’s “Business and Economy Editor” is perplexing.

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  2. No, no the Prince of Wails never showed up……….
    Or HMS Vanguard…or all these type 45 destroyers tied up in dock.
    Tut, tut—-all these “Admirals” and no boats to sail in.

    Oops, sorry–wrong fleet!

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