Is the devolved government responsible for this problem? On BBC Wales it’s a ‘Who?’

This morning on BBC Scotland, we heard:

The Royal College of Nursing is warning that patient’s safety and dignity is being compromised as its becoming increasingly common for inappropriate areas such as corridors to be used for treatment….the Scottish Government says patient safety is paramount and its investing in frontline services.


The number of people seeking help from citizens advice Scotland has risen by more than 40% according to the charity’s latest figures. It’s warning that policy makers shouldn’t assume that the warmer weather means its easier for people to afford their bills. Both the Scottish and UK Governments say that tackling cost of living priorities is their top priority.

At the same time on BBC Wales:

A man who was left feeling suicidal after having his leg amputated says more mental health support is needed for those who suffer limb loss….the Welsh Government say its responsibility of individual health boards.


Parking has been banned on one of Pembrokeshire’s most popular beaches. A National Park Authority representative defends the decision.

Today on BBC Scotland:

Academics have called for a pause for thought on the rate of babies taken into care after their research found around 1 in every 100 children born in Scotland goes into care before their first birthday. A new ew study seen by BBC found that since 2008 almost 4 500  children under the age of one have been taken into care. A Slight dip in figures recently but experts say its still too high. The Scottish Government says the best place for a child is with their family.

At the same time in Wales:

NHS services are trialling health care apps to try to relieve pressure on frontline services…they’re encouraging patients to take a little more responsibility – no link to Welsh Government


Women over 50 experience unique disadvantage and discrimination in the workplace according to a gender equality charity…no link to Welsh Government.

    Only two days, I know, but still a clear distinction between the reporting on BBC Wales and on BBC Scotland. Welsh Labour is not associated with problems and viewers are reminded that it’s the health board or they themselves who need to do better.

    The SNP Scottish Government not blamed directly but often mentioned to make a link in viewers’ minds.

    Just two days, as I said, but I’m counting with a view to a month-long report.


    2 thoughts on “Is the devolved government responsible for this problem? On BBC Wales it’s a ‘Who?’

    1. I fear you are under the impression that BBCScotlandshire , under the control of various bosses who are in the pocket of The Union , is a fair minded , neutral and professional news outlet .
      British Biased Corporation , with the emphasis on BRITISH !


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