How the SNP Government has worked for children despite Westminster’s obstacles


Westminster refused legislation in Scotland. Legislation by Holyrood because it refused the Devolved legislation as legit under the Devolution settlement. It was the Westminster Government who would not sanction the legislation. The Holyrood Government gets the blame, as usual. The SNP introduced extended nursery places. Supporting single parents. Child meals at school. Primary. Introduced £25 child payment about to be increased. Baby boxes. Travel for children. Grants and allowance for those in foster care. Kinship payments to prevent children going into care, but staying within the family., Mitigated bedroom tax. MUP cutting consumption of alcohol. Smoking ban. Increasing additional needs provision. Payments to schools. Ring fenced Education funding to local authorities so it had to be spent on Education.

Increased support for students. Increased grants and loans. Not means tested so more pupils could go to university. 100,000 increase in apprenticeships and training.

The Tories introduced austerity. Cut child benefit payments. Only for first two children. Cut all benefits payments and sanctioned people without just cause.

The Tories do not give a damn. The SNP Gov cares about children and people. Trying with many limitation imposed by Westminster to make Scotland more equal and fair. The taxation system is dominated by Westminster. Independence would eradicate child poverty in Scotland. Reduce poverty overall, with full control of Scottish revenues and resources.


2 thoughts on “How the SNP Government has worked for children despite Westminster’s obstacles

  1. To copy a famous Monty Python sketch-OK Apart from extending nursery places, supporting single parents, child meals at school. .introducing the £25 child payment, baby boxes, travel for children, grants and allowance for those in foster care, kinship payments, mitigation ofbedroom tax, MUP, smoking ban, increasing additional needs provision, ring fencing of education funds, increasing help for students and increasing by 100000 apprenticeships and training places,-What have the SNP govrnment done for children?

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