BBC Scotland put patient safety at risk with a survey including only 33 of Scotland’s 5 000 nurses

From the Reporting Scotland team first thing this morning and no doubt all day on TV and radio:

The Royal College of Nursing is warning that patient safety is being compromised as patients are increasingly being treated in inappropriate areas such as corridors. A survey of its members who are meeting in Brighton today found more than 9 in 10 have raised concerns that patients may be receiving unsafe care. The Scottish Government says patient safety is paramount and is investing in frontline services.

This is not being reported by BBC UK, England or even on the BBC Scotland website. The Scotsman’s Joseph Anderson, from Cumbria, has the same story. It’s another feed from an opposition party source or from a desperate trawl, by their own staff, of newspapers such as the Scotsman.

The RCN in Scotland has settled its pay deal but in England is still in dispute. The survey in question was emailed only to 6 451 members in the RCN’s Emergency Care Association and publicised on the forum’s social media accounts. The survey was open, for only 7 days, from Tuesday 18 April 2023 until Tuesday 25 April 2023.

Only 560 (8.6%) could bothered to respond. Only 33 of those work in Scotland, well under the pro rata 10% even in the survey. There are nearly 5 000 nurses in Scotland.

There is no breakdown to match the above 33 working in Scotland with any of the responses.

The survey tells Reporting Scotland nothing at all and yet, they headline it.

Those 33 could all be in the 10% not reporting concerns. At worst, it’s a tiny percentage of the 5 000.

The RCN has not one photograph of a patient being treated in a corridor, to show us. Scotland’s media, of course, would love to have such a thing.

This is highly irresponsible scare-mongering which could result in the vulnerable delaying a hospital visit, unnecessarily in Scotland, and even, in a few cases, dying.


5 thoughts on “BBC Scotland put patient safety at risk with a survey including only 33 of Scotland’s 5 000 nurses

  1. That is worse than irresponsible it’s criminal they should be heavily fined and someone at the top censored , people are being imprisoned for wearing t shirts with slogans about the royal family , what has been done here is worse .


  2. You do mean 30 lying scheming card carrying paid up labour members
    WHO would/have sold their Grannies


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