Trade union survey only tells us that 98% of nurses are not reporting understaffing

From Reporting Scotland only, not on the BBC website, so a Labour feed:

Almost three-quarters of nurses are facing staff shortages on their ward every day. That’s the suggestion from a survey by Unison of 1 100 nurses across Scotland. 94% said they experienced understaffing, 72% saying this happened daily. 22% described it as a weekly problem.

This is another typical, self-selecting, trade union survey. Not properly sampled but based on just who can be bothered to respond or who is angry about something – a ‘squeaky wheel’ sample. Totally unreliable and of no meaningful value at all, as any professional researcher will tell you.

How many nurses are there overall? 64 193.

Because only 1 100 responded in a non-scientific sample, we cannot say anything about what the other 63 000 think. Maybe none of them experience understaffing at all?

So, 94% of the 1 100 is 1 034. That’s only 1.6% of the 64 193 that we can say with confidence are reporting daily staff shortages.

The BBC’s editorial standards require that they only use reliable sources.


3 thoughts on “Trade union survey only tells us that 98% of nurses are not reporting understaffing

  1. More BBC nonsense. The £6Billion spent on the BBC would be better spent on healthcare. The Tories cut NHS funding £20Billion, from 2015 to 2020. Instead of increasing it with an acknowledged pandemic on the way. Chinese, US funded laboratory.. spewing out viruses enough to kill worldwide. Then denying it.

    Westmibster Tories refused pandemic funding and planning to consecrate on Brexit. Wasting £Billions. Brexit a total waste of time and monies destroying the economy. Instead of funding NHS and healthcare properly.


  2. The Scottish Gov have to mitigate the cuts. Increase funding in Scotland. In Scotland there are higher healthcare issues because of Thatcher and unionist policies, Scotland never voted for the Tories and the unionist reckless policies. Taking Scotland’s revenues and resources illegally. Keot secret under the Official Secrets Act. Thatcher ‘care in the community’ – prison.

    Taking all of Scotlajd’s revenues and resources and lying about it. Until Devolution 2000. The Tories held it up 20 years, after Scotland voted for it, Limited Devolution with no enough powers to try to stem the call for Independence. The campaign still on going. Support increasing all the time, if people get out and vote for it. Take another along as well. Scotland would be Independent now, except for Thatcher and the Tories. Illegal secret anti democracy act. Scotland has not voted Tory since 1955. A electoral system imposed on Scotland without a mandate. For higher unionist manipulation. Anti democratic. Especially in Scotland, Marching on despite of it, in the street and in the Ballot Box. The Campaign goes on. Westminster unionists will not stop the inevitable. Scotland – the land of discovery and invention. Chinese. Britain a small island without Empire. Scottish discovery and invention has changed the world. A 40 million diaspora. All around the world given support. Scottish descendents can swing the vote in the US. All things Scottish admired the world over. Great appreciation and support. The right to self determination and governance when people vote for it. UN/EU principles upheld. Or there can be sanction worldwide, Westminster puny excuses will no longer apply.


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