Three polls suggest strengthening support for independence under Yousaf

Over the last few weeks the lead for No has varied from 2% to 10% depending on the pollster.

While it is unlikely that methods vary that dramatically between different pollsters, there is clear evidence that some find consistently more or less negative figures and trends.

So, looking at Survation’s last three polls from 10 March to 3 May, we see, despite MSM suggesting decline under Yousaf:

  1. Yes support going from 40% to 42% on 3 April to 44% on 3 May.
  2. The No lead falling from 8% to 5% to 3%.
  3. SNP support flat from 40% to 40% to 38%
  4. Labour support flat from 32% to 32% to 32%
  5. Con support flat from 18% to 17% to 18%

So, support for independence, pre-campaigning, at least solid if not climbing again.

Support for the SNP steady through worst of media carpet bombing and ready to climb again as further Con scandals are revealed, as the economy shrinks even more, as the cost living crisis is not dealt with and the harsh truth of Starmer’s Neu Arbeit is made clear.

One thought on “Three polls suggest strengthening support for independence under Yousaf

  1. What I find impressive, is that Yousaf seems to have an ability to bat away the likes of Ross and Sarwar with ease during First Ministers Questions, also he seems to be able to back up his points with some decent background info.

    In my opinion, he had a hard act to follow, but so far is doing pretty well and has steadied the party and its membership is on the increase again.

    It must break the “Scottish Journalist’s” hearts! This is not what the “High End Camper Van with maybe a striped Awning” expose was meant to achieve. 🙂

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