BBC Scotland working hard to support Conservative Shadowy Health Spokesperson as he hopes for Scotland’s first health worker strike

After weeks of breathlessly warning anxious Scots that a junior doctor vote on strike action was underway, hoping for Scotland’s first health worker strike, BBC Scotland cannot conceal their joy at the 97% support for action.

Further down the report, we see that only 71% voted so that’s maybe just 69% of the members in favour.

Further, further down, for those still reading, we see:

The union said it would begin preparations for a 72-hour walkout if the Scottish government did not put forward a credible offer. Dates for the strike have not been confirmed.

What does this mean? It means that the Scottish Health Secretary is still working hard and in good faith to avert the strike, on our behalf, unlike his equivalent in England accusing them of ‘putting politics above patient safety.’

Read on and what do you expect to find, uniquely in a BBC Scotland report?


‘Patients will be alarmed’

Scottish Conservative health spokesman Dr Sandesh Gulhane said it was clear that junior doctors were “at the end of their tether”.

“Patients will naturally be alarmed at the impact strike action will have on already unacceptable waiting times,” he said.

Jackie Baillie, Scottish Labour health spokesperson, said: “This result has not come out of the blue – it is the product of years of SNP failure to support junior doctors and reward them for their work.”

Why is this unusual?

Despite actual junior doctor strikes taking place in England with ONS evidence of increased avoidable mortality, Labour Shadow Health Secretary, Wes Streeting, says nothing in these BBC England/UK reports:

Junior doctor strike led to 196,000 cancellations:

Junior doctors’ strike puts patients at more risk – Barclay:

It’s the same on BBC Wales and Northern Ireland. Health issues are not politicised in the interests of opposition parties.

Only in Scotland.


11 thoughts on “BBC Scotland working hard to support Conservative Shadowy Health Spokesperson as he hopes for Scotland’s first health worker strike

  1. But they are going on strike because they deserve better pay , that’s okay , good luck to them.
    It will highlight that Scottish government is restricted in what it can pay workers because Westminster takes a huge chunk of Scottish government income to spend on things of Westminsters choosing

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    1. Let’s hope they don’t have to strike and that the SG will negotiate an acceptable settlement. Because the SG works for us and that us what WE want.

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      1. Agree, though it’s going to be a double edged sword because other services may have to be cut back…Scotland can only solve this with independence. 🙂


        1. And that doesn’t seem to be coming any time soon. Certainly not soon enough for me anyway. My egg timer is running out fast.


  2. Perhaps if HMS James Cook, “Scottish Conservative health spokesman Dr Sandesh Gulhane” and “Jackie Baillie, Scottish Labour health spokesperson”, expended even half their time highlighting HMG being the root cause of this issue and applying pressure on them to change, they would not be perceived so widely as the hypocritical political opportunists they are….

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  3. ”It’s being so cheerful that keeps us going ! ” should NOT be the motto for Gulhane and Baillie .
    They are reminiscent of those sad people who used to walk around the streets with sandwich boards proclaiming ”The End is Nigh ! ”- and no one took any notice of them either !

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  4. And at this time there are twelve thousand police working to control the crowds in London for someone getting crowned “ the king “
    What a joke
    Scotland has sixteen thousand police officers total

    How much money did you say this is costing us ?
    Oh yeah and of course Scotland will have part of that cost deducted from the money Westminster gives us to run our country, England like to do that , apportion costs to Scotland for things that happen in England hundreds of miles away .

    Money that could be used to pay people properly for the work they do .
    Junior doctors being but one example.

    Hey Westminster give us our money back we will control it ourselves
    we don’t need you to take all our money and spend it for us
    and we don’t need you to tell us what to we are allowed to spend when the little you give us back comes to us.

    We don’t tell control your money
    So don’t control ours

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  5. Gulhane and Baillie The question put to these two puppets should be tell us how much money would you give to stop the strike,oh dear what’s that running down their legs.

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