Tory council hides £1 million secret deal from auditors but MI5 tell Police Scotland ‘leave it!’

Thanks to reader Scott for alerting us to this:

Moray Council needs to take a decision on what to do with unused temporary classrooms as a matter of urgency.

The cabins were bought for almost £235,000 and were to house children attending Aberlour Primary nursery to allow refurbishment of the building.

But the two units will not be used for that purpose.

It reveals as advanced payment of £117,430 was made for the cabins without the knowledge of the chief financial officer, breaking procedure.

Also, at times auditors were unable to evidence a proper document trail for the nursery project.

Refurbishment work has yet to start on the project. But the amount spent so far is around £340,000.

Councillors were told in April the total cost of the Aberlour early learning upgrade would increase from £900,000 to over £1 million.

MI5’s Head of Office in Northern Scotland, Police Scotland’s Elgin office and the leader of the Conservative Group in Moray, were unwilling to comment.

The janitor and head groundskeeper have said ‘Naebody parks or camps with intent here unless ah ken aboot it!


11 thoughts on “Tory council hides £1 million secret deal from auditors but MI5 tell Police Scotland ‘leave it!’

  1. Under the Conservative Party U.K. government levelling up fiasco a payment will arrive to pay for this project unauthorised tory council spending £340 thousand is permitted but but not mobile homes £90 thousand , don’t ask why , these are the rules , nobody knows why or who makes them .

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  2. Moray ?
    if only there was a big noise ( laughter ensues ) from the Conservative Party who had some pull in that area who could get to the crux of the matter .
    Does anyone have any idea who we might contact to discuss the apparent whiff of financial irregularity raised by this non-SNP story ?

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  3. “The janitor and head groundskeeper have said ‘Naebody parks or camps with intent here unless ah ken aboot it!‘”
    Would that be DRoss’s god-children Denice and Denephew by any chance ?

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  4. Probs tip of the iceberg in thr dirty dealings and lies. Very suspect, don’t expect any tents outside of Dross’s hoose or documents being removed and fridges and pens being stolen by the cops…any camper van involved at all?

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  5. The motor home/ campaignbus can be sold for a higher amount. Any account reimbursed quite easily with profit. The campaign bus was cheap as chips for the purpose.
    . For the purpose. A good move and saved campaign monetise, Another storm in a tea cup.

    The Westminster abuse of public monies is scandalous. £Billions. An attempt to cover up. The unionist waste of tax payers monies is scandalous and illegal. Taking £Billions of Scottish revenues and ruining people’s live. Killing people for unionist parties members obscene greed.

    People need to get out and vote in higher numbers, A higher turnout. Instead of complaining. Get rid of the unionist representation,

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  6. The £Billions that have been mismanaged by ACC renegades . Beyond belief. Councillors Labour supposed to be excelled by their Party for alliance group with the Tories, £Billions wasted or misappropriated. The City in an absolute state of mess. Not have majority support. People still vote for them (30/40% turnout). Yet the majority of the electorate are disgusted about the illegal decisions. STV. It needs a higher Independence supporting turnout. To vote the unionists out. People complain but do not vote. Or the STV system favours the unionists. Imposed by them without a mandate. Unfair and illegal. Ruining the economy.


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