The GMB – More like rooted in Starmer’s ‘Great White Britain’

Regulars have already guessed which union or unions.

It’s the GMB, isn’t it?


Quickly, before we deal with the GMB, the STUC congress backed the GMB motion? Try taking that one to your members lads!

First, nuclear power is far more expensive and unreliable. See:

Second, the GMB is closely allied with the right-wing imperialist element in the Labour Party.

Third, we know their SNP bad stuff well, here:

Full text at:


8 thoughts on “The GMB – More like rooted in Starmer’s ‘Great White Britain’

  1. If anyone is being “dogmatic” it is those people who would foist nuclear power stations on a country which doesn’t need nor want them.
    As always,it is all about England and it’s needs.

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  2. Much like Windscale/seascale, these projects were to produce plutonium for thr hydrogen bomb.

    Have a look at Torness refuellings, twice this year, the fuel is supposed to power the plant for 2 years.
    Anything to do with the johnston 80 extra warheads?


  3. GMB do represent a lot of low paid workers but they do not represent them very well choosing instead to play political activist games on behalf of the Westminster Labour Party and as is usually the case the union reps are no longer actually doing the job they are employed to do because they get so much facility time to do their union work they lose touch with the job and the workers.
    What a mess but it’s what happens when union leaders become political activists for a political party.


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