In March NHS Scotland was ready to do 98% of operations on time!

In March 2023 there were 21,350 operations planned to take place across NHS Scotland.

 676 (3.2%) were cancelled by consultants when it was felt to be the best thing for the patient at that stage. This is a good thing and does not reflect upon performance..

593 (2.8%) were cancelled by the patient themselves. This too does not reflect upon performance.

Only 420 (2%) were cancelled due to capacity or non-clinical reasons. This does fairly reflect upon performance but is a very low figure given that to hit 100%, you would need have facilities and staffing at a level unjustifiable in terms of them then lying inactive for long periods.

Such figures rarely rise above 2% and have only been above 3% during the pandemic.



7 thoughts on “In March NHS Scotland was ready to do 98% of operations on time!

  1. This may be of interest to some. Looks like John Campbell (Dr) in England, has been telling more porkies via his YouTube channel, in this case mainly aimed at Scotland and the Scottish NHS. The video is still there far as we know, he has a huge audience and makes a ton of cash from his misinformation, ie, grifting.

    Dr Susan here taking time to debunk his lies, and I like she calls Scotland a ‘country’.

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    1. ArtyHetty, thanks for this.

      I am surprised however that Dr John Campbell does not as yet have his own show on BBC Scotland. He certainly has all the analytical skills that they seem to crave.

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