Archaeologists Discover Lost Roman Fort in Scotland

Image: Historic Environment Scotland

I’m off on a bit of tangent here but still talking-up Scotland I think.

From the Smithsonian Magazine yesterday:

Buried in a field near Carleith Primary School in West Dunbartonshire in Scotland is a piece of history that eluded archaeologists for hundreds of years. In 1707, antiquarian Robert Sibbald described a Roman fortlet in the area, but attempts to find it during the 1970s and 1980s were futile. Now, thanks to advances in technology, archaeologists have been able to find the structure that was once believed lost to time.

Even after reading a few books on Scottish place names, a few years back, I’d have been sure there’d be a castle of some sort near a river or ‘wet’ area, with that name – ‘Carleith.’

Not a hard one – Caernarvon, Carlisle, Carluke, Cardenden….and the River Leith and the Water of Leith?

The Smithsonian article makes no mention of that easy clue.

From, this OS Name Book is fascinating.


5 thoughts on “Archaeologists Discover Lost Roman Fort in Scotland

  1. This must have been on or very close to the Antonine Wall. The Kilpatrick Hills are to the north so it is likely that there will have been a stream and, perhaps, boggy moor land. It is fairly close to Dalmuir.

    It is not an area where there are much in the way of castles.

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  2. Nice article.I remember as a lad of 16 in 1976 helping out on a Glasgow University dig of a Roman bath house on the shores of the newly created Strathclyde park Loch, and ever since that time being fascinated by all things Roman .

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    1. If you are interested, there’s a link on this website to a word document created by TC Bell entitled ‘Scotland’s Roman Heritage’ – “a summary of Roman mainland sites located over a decade of surveying.” I found it interesting because I happen to live next to a site it identifies as a Roman fort platform.


  3. More history an incredible peep into life as it was in Scotland 280 years ago

    Preached before the
    SY NO D
    O F
    A T
    DUNDEE, ApRIL igth 1748.
    On DANIEL XII. 3.
    Minifter of the Gofpel at LogIe and PeRT.”

    Printed by R. Fleming, and fold by A. KiN-CAID and the other Bookfellers in Town, 174°“


  4. How about this one on Roman forts in Scotland .

    “ Hiftorical Inquiries,
    Concerning the
    Monuments and Antiquities
    IN THE
    Rosth-Part of Britain
    There is an Account of the Roman Walls, Ports, Colonies; and Forts, Temples, Altars, Sepulchtes, and Military ways in that Country; And of the Roman Forces lodged there, from the Veftiges and Infcriptions yet remaining; and trom the Urns, Medals, Meafures and Buckles and Arms, and fuch like Antiquities found there, with Cop-per-Cuts of the moft Remarkable of them.
    B Y
    Printed by Fames Watfon, M. DCC. VIL,”

    Again on google playbooks


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