Scotland’s drug ‘crisis’ abating further but to media silence

From Public Health Scotland, yesterday:

The average weekly number of naloxone administration incidents [by Scottish ambulance staff] was broadly stable between December 2022 and February 2023 (61 incidents per week). The total number of incidents during this time period was lower (793) compared to the same time periods in 2020 (998) and 2021 (920).

That’s a 14.4% fall after a 7% fall, in the last 2 years.

The average weekly number of drug-related attendances at emergency departments was stable between December 2022 and February 2023. A total of 1,118 attendances were recorded in this period – 13% lower than in the same time period in 2020/21 (1,284), but 11% higher than in 2021/22 (1,010).

One year changes can be limited in revealing trends but the 13% fall over 2 years is important.

The average weekly number of drug-related hospital admissions decreased between October and December 2022. The total number of admissions in this time period (1,815) was considerably lower than expected, compared to the same time period in 2020 (2,736) and 2021 (3,244) (decreases of 34% and 44% respectively).

These are dramatic falls.

The above can be considered in combination with these Police Scotland and ONS/NRs data:


During 2022, there were 1,092 suspected drug deaths, 16% (203) fewer than during the same period of 2021 (1,295); a majority (66%) of suspected drug deaths were of people aged between 35 and 54. This is broadly in line with previous periods; there were 55 suspected drug deaths in the under 25 age group, 19% (13) fewer than between January and December 2021.

From the data tables, I can calculate the total annual deaths were:

2020 1411

2021 1295

2022 1092

So, suspected drug deaths recorded by Police Scotland have fallen by 22.6% in the last two years.

Second, from ONS data kindly provided to me in August 2022, drug deaths among the 15-24 year-olds are 50% higher in England & Wales than they are in Scotland. Sources and calculations at link below.



9 thoughts on “Scotland’s drug ‘crisis’ abating further but to media silence

  1. A possible explanation for the disparity in the rates of drugs deaths amongst 15/24 year olds in England and Wales compared to Scotland could lie in the education system and, specifically the policies on exclusion from schools.

    Exclusions from schools in Scotland have fallen substantially in the past 25 years because of the ‘right to education’. If a young person is excluded from school the school and local authority still has a duty to provide education. Councils can transfer young people to other schools in their area or into special units, so they remain within the system. Even if the family of the young person moves to another council area, in most cases education and social work are able to keep track of him or her.

    With the growth of Academies and Education Trusts in England, the Council has no locus in education and, although there are rules regarding exclusions in England, too, the Academies and trusts are not too assiduous in providing for and keeping track of young people excluded from them. Sadly, many young people, disproportionately BAME, simply drop out of the education system. They are then recruited by criminal groups who provide them with drugs in return for undertaking criminal activities or becoming prostitutes.

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  2. Excellent information. Any possibility to compact into 280 characters?

    Ps, the point “drug deaths among the 15-24 year-olds are 50% higher in England & Wales than they are in Scotland” is that a prorate drugs death rate based in the number of 15-24 year olds in England&Wales / Scotland (ie, is it the drug deaths RATE or actual drug deaths)?





  4. Drug deaths are the same as this time last year according to tory P@J.

    Tonight 283 Conservative MPs voted to BLOCK the Sewage Discharge Bill, which would have cracked down on polluting water companies.
    Tory MPs have once again voted to keep dumping sewage every 2.5 minutes.
    I noticed Jack,Bowie,Mundell all voted but no sign of DRoss anyone know where he was.Coffey who is in charge of this also voted to keep letting them dump s**** in rivers.

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  5. “Media silence”??
    No, no—A CAMPER VAN (legally purchased) overrides all else.
    Tom and Glenn and Juan et al AGOG with non-news “masturbatery” news.

    Expect an URGENT missive from Hon Sarah giving the US viewpoint on mafia usage on “utility vehicles”/bodies/badness.

    Media silence on the £billions defrauded from the public purse, with Rishi Sunak front and center of the scams, frauds and sheer fiscal incompetence.
    Not a word on THAT!

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  6. John, Did you see this not that I can afford it.

    All aboard: Remembering the Orient Express
    News that Brexit has led to the closure of the UK leg of the Orient Express prompts a reminiscence of a memorable journey.


  7. The Scottish Gov is funding drug rehabilitation services £250Million over five years. More proper drug rehabilitation services will cut drug deaths.

    MUP alcohol deaths have fallen.

    200 knife deaths in London a year. Since Austerity,


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