SHOCK: More than 4 times as many waiting for care at home in England than in Scotland

The total number of individuals waiting for an assessment by social care services and the number of people waiting for a package of care at home, continues to fall in Scotland.

There are just over 6 700 waiting on a social care assessment to enable them to live independently
at home or in the community, down 11% in just 4 months, from 7 500 at the beginning of 2023

There are just over 4 100 who have been assessed but are waiting for a package to be developed, down 20% from around 5 100 at the beginning of 2023.

A total of 11 800 on care at home waiting lists. In October 2022, for fair comparison below, the graph suggests a total of around 12 300.

In May 2022, in England, a total of 506,131 people were waiting for assessments, reviews, and/or care support to begin.

All things being equal with 10 times the population, you might expect England to have had 123 000 on waiting list but had 506 131, more than 4 times as many.



4 thoughts on “SHOCK: More than 4 times as many waiting for care at home in England than in Scotland

  1. O/T–
    Robert Jenrick is to attack Scotland/Wales today for not taking their “fair” share of the “boat people” wanting to travel to England.
    Why then, are his xenophobic lot refusing to to give Scotland power over migration, which Micky Gove promised years ago.
    Then Scotland can chose those WE wish to migrate, and contribute, to our country, and proportionally, it will be more per capita than England, I would bet.

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  2. O/T–
    The Torygraft, in a piece of anti-China war-mongering, asserts that the “UK has two aircraft carriers”.
    No it does not. It has one boat at sea and one being stripped to provide spare parts for the one at sea.
    Because of the high failure rate of its components.

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