Labour journalist allowed to hide Labour support for fishing ban with tasteless ‘clearances’ comparison

Brian Wilson is:

a former Scottish Labour Party politician. He was Member of Parliament for Cunninghame North from 1987 until 2005 and served as a Minister of State from 1997 to 2003.

After standing down as a Minister prior to his departure from Parliament, he was asked by Tony Blair to act as the Prime Minister’s Special Representative on Overseas Trade. Having continued to take an interest in trade promotion, he was appointed to the newly re-established UK Board of Trade in 2017. He is also chairman of Harris Tweed Hebrides, a director of Celtic Football Club and Visiting Professor at the University of Strathclyde.

Wilson is a rabid anti-SNP commentator.

He knows this below but chooses to ignore it for propaganda purposes:

He is cynically deceiving his audience for narrow political purposes.

Time for the Scottish Press Clearances?


2 thoughts on “Labour journalist allowed to hide Labour support for fishing ban with tasteless ‘clearances’ comparison

  1. An Open Seas pre-Scottish Parliamentary Election article gives some details from the various party manifesto policies.

    “The years ahead are vital – the UN has announced the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration and the Decade for Ocean Science for Sustainable Development and governments around the world are gearing up to take marine recovery seriously.”

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  2. As a Celtic supporter and FORMER Labour voter I despise Brian Wilson and his constant carping and continual attempted undermining of the Scottish Government .
    He is the very embodiment of what is wrong with Labour in Scotland today . He and his ilk will continue to destroy what used to be the Scottish labour Party .


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