Today’s outright propagandist twitter activity

My wife really does have a 92 year old mother-in-law in Dunfermline! No wonder I can never get parked!


4 thoughts on “Today’s outright propagandist twitter activity

  1. But we are all one country – Britain/England – so whatever happens in England happens everywhere. The Guardian always assumes it’s readers know this.

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    1. Yep, even my pals in NE England who read the Graun are determined that Scotland can’t be any different, so what’s s**t down there has to be same in Scotland. The media propaganda on such serious matters as in this article, is dangerous, but they do not care, they want people to believe the Scottish NHS is being mismanaged like the EngNHS is being by the cabal with their grip on such matters, that the people there voted for. Sorry, I just can’t stop saying ‘grip’ now, lol!


  2. Finally found the source background article by Philip Sim ‘BBC Scotland political correspondent’ at 3 days old, 4 pages back, “How many more difficult days for SNP’s Humza Yousaf?” subtitled invisibly as “How many more difficult days for me covering James Cook’s abundant arse and cheeks Campbell and Kerr with this Bilge and Swoon coverage ?”

    As for the Daily Smell send-up 👍


  3. Scotland IS different! It’s official because the Radio Times says so!
    Check out the money section of 1-7 th April issue- titled “Benefits North of the Border “ ,byline- Taxes may be higher in Scotland but the perks are better.
    Very informative for anyone looking to move from England or Northern Ireland apparently!
    Not tech savvie enough to provide a link I’m afraid!


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