Bums not squeaking as latest Holyrood poll has increased lead for SNP

Paul Hutcheon is having a great time with the latest Redfield and Winton poll showing the Westminster voting intentions lead for the SNP narrowed to 5%.

The same poll has Holyrood data too, above, but that’s getting less attention because its suggests an increased lead for the SNP and a reduced figure for Labour.

We’ve seen this in the past. Some SNP supporters might be dissatisfied but there’s no way they’re letting Labour back into to power in Edinburgh.


2 thoughts on “Bums not squeaking as latest Holyrood poll has increased lead for SNP

  1. I’d commented on WGD earlier on another table drawing on this latest R&W poll https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Fs4x3FRWYA8R3b5.jpg as follows-
    “Having previously noted increasing attempts to conflate support of SNP with that of Independence, this table is a strange one.
    It appears to attempt to show Indy as not only a separate issue but of lesser importance in a GE – Given that only through Independence can any improvement in at least the lead 2 priorities be achieved, it’s more telling of the intent of the poll rather than the results.
    Bemused to see Gender Reform and Levelling Up surveyed, but not in the least surprised by the result…”

    Does anybody pay much attention to Paul Hutcheon these days ?

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