Only SNP manage to settle teacher strike but it’s still not good enough

From BBC UK today:

Teachers in England will strike on Thursday 27 April and Tuesday 2 May after members of the UK’s largest education union rejected a pay offer.

The results of the NEU ballot found that 98% of members were in favour of turning the deal down.

Teachers were offered a £1,000 one-off payment this year, and a 4.3% rise next year. Starting salaries would also rise to £30,000 from September.

The education secretary said it was “extremely disappointing”.

The National Education Union (NEU) described the offer as “insulting” and said it has “united the profession in its outrage”.

That’s an open goal for the Labour Party. Get in there!?

Nope, not a peep out of the opposition. It’s almost as if they don’t care about schools either.

Down the bottom of the BBC UK report there is this:

In Scotland, the dispute has been resolved after teachers accepted a 7% rise for 2022/23, which will be backdated to April. They have also accepted a 5% rise in April 2023, and a 2% rise in January 2024.

Woah, surely this will make the Conservative Government look bad and the SNP Government look good. What if some Scots read this?

How have BBC Scotland been covering this success by the SNP?

Scottish Labour’s education spokesperson Michael Marra said the progress was welcome but long overdue.

He added: “The SNP have wasted months playing petty games while schools were engulfed by strike chaos and teachers were forced to fight for a fair deal.”

Earlier Stephen Kerr, of the Scottish Conservatives, criticised the role of the education secretary in the dispute.

“After months of inaction from Shirley-Anne Somerville, which has done untold damage to our kids’ education, we can only hope this dispute is finally nearing an end.”

So this settling of a deal to prevent strikes in Scotland? Not good?


5 thoughts on “Only SNP manage to settle teacher strike but it’s still not good enough

    1. I thought it was possible to re-arrange the words – Stephen Kerr – into – Poisonous Liar. Maybe I am mistaken?


  1. To be perfectly fair even if it’s not returned by Jamie McIvor, this “yet another” HMS James Cook piece is a month old…

    I suspect the vast majority of teachers of whatever political persuasion recognise the bind SG are in financially with the London Tories holding onto the purse strings – In England the Tories are calling in media favours and dirty tricks galore to pull the rug from under calls for pay rises.

    Goodness knows how SG and the LAs are going to manage this fiasco henceforth, the Tories seem determined to do a Thatcher reprise on “crush the unions”…

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